Carmen Crenshaw

October 7, 2022

Carmen Crenshaw was born in Lima, Peru, and came to America as an immigrant to pursue the American dream. She moved to Houston working with Oil and Gas companies as an accountant. After several years in the USA, she met and married Jim Crenshaw and moved back to South America for his work. In South America, she started working with local charities, orphanages, and other faith-based organizations, which provided her the opportunity to work with Presidents, Ambassadors, and Leaders of Industry in fundraising efforts.

After many years in South America, the family moved back to the USA. Several years later her stepson; Dan Crenshaw, ran for US Congress, and Carmen decided to get involved with the Republican Party as she saw how critical it was that we reach our Hispanic community with a positive and truthful message about the greatness of America.

She served as the Chairwoman for the RNHA (Republican National Hispanic Assembly) Texas Chapter for the last two years, where she worked tirelessly to engage the Texas Hispanic voters. Carmen is presently serving on the advisory board of “Beta Academy” a south Houston Charter school, and with the “Greater Houston Council of Federated Republican Women” board as Chair of Public Relations.

Carmen is passionate about her role with the Hispanic Leadership Alliance and committed to our great nation. She is an example of how those who immigrate to the USA properly and for the right reasons, can become a building block for our Countries future. Carmen’s drive and perseverance are now focused on giving back to the country she calls home.

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