Lin-Manuel Miranda

October 1, 2022

Many know Lin-Manuel Miranda for his musicals and movies, so today we are highlighting this Puerto Rican playwright for Hispanic Heritage Month.

Born in New York City, Miranda began composing musicals while he was still in high school. During his time at Weslayan University, he would develop his first major musical, In the Heights. It would debut on broadway in 2008, and later would adapted to film in 2021. However, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton (2015) would sky rocket him into mainstream media. Since the success of Hamilton, Miranda has been a frequent collaborator of Disney (such as writing the music for Encanto) and expanded his projects to include film directing, acting, and activism. 

Lin-Manuel has been especially passionate about helping Puerto Rico through fundraising and speaking about assisting the country through natural disasters, erasing debt, and donating to the University of Puetro Rico. He has also dedicated time and money to organizations like Graham Windham, a nonprofit adoption agency.

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